About Matt

Who am I?IMG_2458

My name is Matt Kovacic, a recent college graduate, avid traveler, seasoned photographer, and avid Trader Joe’s fan born out of Los Angeles and living in Southern California. Just a few days ago, I graduated with honors from California State University, Northridge. I was excited to finally get out of school and throw myself into the real world, but there was a problem…

Even though I walked across the stage in my cap and gown, I still needed 5 more units to fulfill my degree requirements by the end of summer. I started to comb through my college’s course catalog looking for an answer to this problem when an unexpected email landed in my inbox that would end up changing my life and sending me where I never thought I’d go.

Why DC?

I got an email from my COMS department about a program that was sending CSUN students off to Washington DC to gain real world experience as an intern in our nation’s capital. Traditionally, the program is geared for Political Science majors, but they were trying to expand the appeal across all majors. “Wow,” I thought. Not only would this be an experience to live in the political hub of the country, it would fulfill my graduation requirement. So I applied, wrote a couple essays, and waited to hear back. A few days later, I discovered I was selected to represent my school in DC.

Where am I working?

During my stay in DC, I’ll be working with “Leading Authorities,” a prominent speakers bureau located in the “DuPont Circle” area in the North West corner of DC. I will be assisting the company as an intern helping them with even production, coordination, man

How long will I be there?

I depart LA and arrive in Washington on Sunday, May 29th of this year. I’ll be there until August 13th. Yes, it will be the entire summer, but I look forward to my first summer living abroad!