The First Day at Leading Authorities, Inc.

I know it’s been a while since the last post, so here comes the one (maybe)  you’ve been waiting for.

The first day on the job went really well. My internship is in an area known here as “Dupont Circle.” It’s a few miles away from our housing on Capitol Hill, which means i have to use public transportation rather than walk to work like many of my housemates do. The best way to get to my office is to take the “Red Line” subway, or the “metro” as it’s called here in DC. Getting to the office has been relatively painless. Just a quick walk from our house takes me to Union Station, where I board the Red Line headed for Shady Grove. Just five stops is all it takes to get to the Dupont Circle station, where I get off the train and head up one of the largest escalators I’ve ever seen.

Once I make it above ground, it’s just a quick walk down the street, and I’m at the office! I made it a point to get to know our security guards, Stephanie and Alexis. I bid them good morning, and headed up the elevator to the top floor where my office is situated. Once the elevator doors opened up, I was greeted with a huge glass entrance with the “Leading Authorities” insignia etched permanently into the glass.

I was quickly greeted by my internship supervisor, Elizabeth. She’s the production manager, and was very nice and polite. She showed me around the office. We have three departments, Video, Live, and Marketing/Sales. I primarily work in Live, which is the devision that handles major events and offers coordination and support. The Video team helps our speakers market themselves or creates movies for Live projects. I’m sure they do much more, too. Marketing and Sales do exactly what it sounds like.

I’ve got a desk near the rear of the office with my own phone (number and extension). It’s really nice, much better than I anticipated.



I also work with Shannon, the senior producer at Live. I will mostly be working under their wings, helping them with tasks here and there. Since my first day, I’ve done plenty of things, from making “Reserved” signs for our events to packing equipment up for a huge show to creating and editing video for clients. I have met the Vice President of Production, Kim. She’s really down to earth and a Southern California native like myself. Everyone else in the office has been good to me when I run into them. No complaints, no problems, nothing.



So far, I really like the job. Everyone here is real nice, the office is great, and both Shannon and Elizabeth seem like great people. I like dressing up every day, too. The feeling is really casual around here, but going from hawaiians to business shirts has been one hell of a transition. In addition, the work I do involves tasks that I enjoy doing, and the company has departments in everything I am interested in: video production, marketing, and event management. Everything is going so well and I am so happy that I think I might have found my future career! We’ll see… 🙂


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