I’m biking everywhere again and Memorial Day (Day 2)

Ah, Memorial Day in DC. I never thought I’d be here for any holidays, and it turns out I am. We’ve got Fourth of July coming up and yesterday was another big holiday! The morning went pretty smoothly. Nobody had any of their internships so we just kind of hung around and had a lazy day. 

I have always heard that transportation in DC was pretty good, but I discovered something that I think everyone should know about. In DC, everything is relatively close so the primary way to get around is by walking or public tranpsortation like the Metro Subway system or by buses. BUT… There’s a third option that I’ve discovered and I really like it.

It’s called Capitol Bikeshare, and it’s basically an “express bike rental” system. The way it works is there are kiosks all over the city (one’s literally outside our front door). You pay for a membership and then you get a key. You then use that key to rent a bike from any station throughout DC, and believe me, they are EVERYWHERE. I paid only $28/month membership, which comes out to less than a dollar a day. 

My membership includes “all you can bike” for the whole day, but there’s a catch… You can only ride in half-hour increments. If you go over half an hour, you have to pay $1.50 per half hour over. It’s not really a big fee, but I can see that quickly adding up. We found out that if you ride to a station (every other block) and just park the bike and rent it again, the rental starts over. We’re beating the system. 

I’ve found the bikes to be so useful. I ride it everywhere. The “roomies” and I have ridden across the whole city. We biked 5.6 miles to Trader  Joes and back. We biked to the Capitol, to the Washington Monument, and even the White House. Riding up Pennsylvania Avenue has been my favorite part of the trip so far. Penn Ave is a really wide street, and there is a bike highway in the middle, so it makes for a really cool scenic ride, pictured below.

Memorial Day here was pretty awesome. We used our bikes to ride from our house all the way to the main avenue where the parade was being held. We were pretty late to the parade, but the parade was stalled for some reason, so, in a way, we got there right on time. It was nice to see how much DC honors our heroes and veterans of the country. It was a humbling and awesome experience I was really glad to be a part of. 

So far, I’m really liking the city. The humidity sucks but it’s not too bad, it’s something to get used to. It really makes me think how much we take California’s perfect climate for granted. Be thankful if you’ve got great weather!

Gotta get up early tomorrow, I’m looking to go to trader joes again and buy a ton of food to hopefully last me a while. I’ll check back as soon as I can. 

Tell me about a time where you had terrible weather while on vacation and how it affected your trip. 

– Matt


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