Today’s The Big Day

Well, the day has finally arrived. It’s Sunday, May 29th, the day I go to DC! Last night, Daniella was a big help in getting me packed up. We completely filled up a full-size luggage, a carry on, and my camera bag until the zippers barely closed. I went to bed about midnight and woke up at 5am for the flight. Daniella took me to the airport, and we had no traffic. It was less than half an hour between Daniella’s goodbye and waiting at the gate. Not bad, LAX, not bad.

American Airlines tried to tell me my carry-on wouldn’t fit. The gate agents made a scene about it, going over the PA to tell other passengers to make sure their stuff fits and to not be like me. No suprise, my luggage ended up fitting. Nice try, AA. I’ve always had luck getting my flight upgraded to Economy Plus at the gate, but this flight was my first one not getting an upgrade. Dammit, I can’t win them all. But I think that might have been a good thing, because the passenger next to me was happened to be a flight attendant for American and knew one of the attendants on our flight! I got a ton of comp’d alochol and food. What a bonus! I’ll take free booze over some legroom any day.

The flight should take about 5 hours. I’ll check in as soon as I arrive and get settled in. Tell me about your best or worst flying experience in the comments.
– Matt


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  1. Chirps says:

    We got our luggage back in a hefty bag as the suit case got caught in a conveyor!


    1. mattkovacic1 says:

      That’s no good! I almost thought they lost my luggage because it came out so late.


  2. Vlasta Lebo says:

    I’m flying to Costa Rica with my young son and our AA plane had a problem. They kept us on the Tarmac for four hours waiting for a part. We were supposed to change planes in Florida. While on board, I arranged for an alternate flight out of Florida in the morning. We arrive at midnight and get to the hotel hungry and tired. In the morning we get to the airport and go to check in only to be told they wouldn’t accept us because their flight was overbooked. Walk back to AA and am told they can’t help me. So I throw a fit and they give us the last two seats on the flight heading out that morning. Needless to say, I no longer fly with AA.


    1. mattkovacic1 says:

      I’ve heard horror stories about American Airlines. I haven’t had a real major problem with them yet (knock on wood) but we’ll see if it changes. I got a pretty good deal on my flight so I’m not complaining just yet 😁


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